"The Spartan Theory" Books 1&3
"The Social Network 2" & "S-World The Movie"

Casting: David Beckham, Victoria Beckham, Megan Fox & Fox Force.

S-World.TV -Public Relations "PR"

To compliment the magical business plan, we also have a magical PR plan.

On successful implementation of the first part of the www.s-world.biz business/economic plan,
we are Giving an Incentive to the first 512 people who write between 2 & 3 pages on anything related to S-World
Teleport to GPS, The Movie & TV scripts, or any idea you had for the right reasons which never panned out.

The first 512 people to write to a fox, will receive fractional title property valued between $15,000 and $30,000,
Of the 512 we are looking for 128 permanent staff working towards a contract worth $61,076 a year to act as central place for
the people of earth to send idea's.

Foxes may just act as figureheads or get actively involved, as this network expands, more and more ideas
and solutions will be attributed to one fox or another. First prize for now I guess is a cure for HIV, but any idea considered for the right reasons is desired.

"Choose your Fox"

Amanda Schull
Megan Fox
Katee Sackhoff
Victoria Beckham
Tricia Helfer
Zenda Scholtz
Une Lottering
Tanit Phoenix
Angelina Jolie
Ilene Haman
Lorraine Van Wyk
Rhona Mitra
Uma Thurman
Lindi Peters
Madonna & Rosanna
Lisa Marie Schneider

When you write to your fox, your mail will be placed under the individual fox's homepage.

We have a number of script idea's obviously one for Quentin Tarantino, which is a work in progress

The main script is for "The Social Network 2" which is now in its 13th Chapter, which says, we use live footage mixed into the film

I am keen to talk to Victoria Beckham about being the lead singer in "Taste of Seduction"

And for David Beckham & Megan Fox
Peter "Star Buck" Horse & Nirvana "Warrior Princess"


About Sienna The Movie Trilogy

Sienna The Movie

The Social Network 2

Galactica 2017

S-World Film & TV Series for the Battle Star Galactica Franchise

Chaos Theory & Butterfly Effect, sub plot ideas.

The Beautiful Butterfly effect
The Chaotic Earth Game
Spiritually Inspired Software "SIS"